All trays are of the finest and freshest quality, for your enjoyment!

Fresh Fruit and dip.

fruit_tray_001_0   fruit_tray_002_0

Vegetables with Dip.

vegtable_tray_001_1   vegtable_tray_002_0

Cheese & Crackers.

cheese_tray_001_0   cheese_tray_002_0

Various wraps.

wrap_tray_001_0   wrap_tray_002_0

Shrimp Cocktail on Ice.

 shrimp_tray_001_0   shrimp_tray_002_0

Deserts: All types of desserts to satisfy your “Chocolate Decadent” cravings!  From chocolate dipped strawberries (in season) to canoli or truffles, even chocolate brownies and cheesecake.

desert_tray_001_0   desert_tray_002_0

desert_tray_003_0   desert_tray_004_0

desert_tray_005_0   desert_tray_006_0

Other specialty trays are available upon request.

  • Gourmet sandwiches.
  • Assorted submarine sandwiches (ham, turkey, assorted).
  • Gourmet pizzas.
  • Salads – (tossed, potato, macaroni, seafood, olive).

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